Why Utahns, and Everyone Else, Should Vote 3rd Party


In a previous post, I argued for the need to “shift Overton’s Window” by voting 3rd party, as a significant and realistic way of pulling the window of social acceptance back to a discussion of liberty and freedom.

Today, America is staring down the barrel of a loaded double-barrel shotgun and is asking herself which single barrel she should look down to injure her less when it inevitably goes off. It is time to stop looking down the barrel of this shotgun and actually vote – for those who so choose—to change America. It is time to vote 3rd Party.

Voting 3rd Party in Utah

There is a realistic strategy to voting 3rd Party in Utah. Utah, like most states, doesn’t count write-in votes. This is to say that Utah only counts names on the ballot in its tally of the 100% voting. If those who wish to show a statistical significance in their 3rd Party vote, they must needs cast a vote for someone on the ballot. A vote for Ron Paul, for instance, will not be counted – period. However, a vote for Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode, because they are actually on the ballot as candidates from their respective parties, will be counted.

In addition, Utah is a winner take all state, which means that with a majority vote of 50.1% of the vote, a presidential candidates gets 100% of the Electoral Votes. It is not even a question that Mitt Romney will carry the super-majority in Utah, which means that he will receive 100% of the Electoral Vote – all 6 of them.

So, here’s my suggestion on how to vote in Utah.

You are free to vote for whomever you want, because Romney will win with such high statistical significance in Utah that your vote for Romney is really a wasted vote. If you care for this country, and if you’re worried with the direction it is going, and if you are not entirely on board with either Romney or Obama – then vote 3rd Party. Even better yet, vote for someone 3rd Party who is actually on the ballot.

If your conscience tells you to vote for Ron Paul, then you have my blessing and may God bless you, but your vote will not be counted (I must admit that I am not entirely unsold and adverse to this idea myself).

If you are a Democrat who is dissatisfied with the way things are going in this country and you cannot morally vote for Obama this coming election cycle, then voting 3rd Party in Utah is the perfect solution. Obama is not going to carry Utah, there is no further discussion here, so make your vote meaningful and increase the statistical significance of dissenting voices in Utah.

So, What? Why Vote 3rd Party?

While I support the Electoral College as a way to prevent Democracy from eroding away out our Constitutional Republic, I still admit that our election processes are screwed up.

In becoming a major political party contender, the magical number is 5%. When you look at the disheartening percentage of eligible voters versus who actually votes, 5% is not unobtainable – if, and only if, the people will extend their vote accordingly.

The goal here is to get a 3rd Party candidate to 5% of the statistical significance across the country. For the first time in several elections, we have the opportunity of seeing this happen with Gary Johnson. The Examiner is reporting that the 5% is definitely within striking distance for tomorrow’s election.

With the entrance of a 3rd Party into the mix, Republican and Democrat Parties are going to have to start reevaluating their voting base. In the marketplace of ideas, this will serve to push these two mega-Parties back to their ideological roots. Additionally, the entrance of a viable 3rd Party will radically shake up the political conversation, as we will no longer live under the century long false-dichotomy conversation that we have had between the GOP and the Democrats.

For the sake of country, liberty, freedom, and the rule of law under a Constitutional Republic – it is time for Americans to stand up and vote 3rd Party (especially in Utah).

As a registered Republican, I will vote 3rd Party for the sake of preserving what many call “traditional conservatism” in an effort to save the GOP from the massive takeovers by Party elites that have recently taken place in our ranks. As a registered Republican, I will vote 3rd Party with the long-term perspective as the only real answer to save our country.

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