The Beginning

Over the last several years, many people have asked why I have not written a book or published my thoughts in a more canonized venue than what I have on Facebook. I have always struggled to express my feelings concerning my lack of desire to do so, and I typically respond that I simply do not have the time. This, however, is not true. If I would lend even a partial amount of time to writing a book that I have given over the last few years to commenting on Facebook, I would have a volume of text written and published by now.

It wasn’t until I read a quote from Hugh Nibley that I finally could put words to my feelings.

I refuse to be held accountable for anything I wrote more than three years ago. For heaven’s sake, I hope we are moving forward here! After all, the implication [is] that one mistake and it is all over with. How flattering to think that [in] forty years I have not made one slip and I am still in business! I would say about four-fifths of everything I ever put down has changed. Of course! (“Of All Things” p.229).

I am not an authority on much – or anything at all. I have given a lot of time and effort to studying, research, and learning principles of the gospel, history, the atonement, philosophy, the plan of salvation, reality, and a host of other topics. I feel fortunate enough to have gained a testimony of many simple things, although I admit my own weaknesses as my views have dramatically changed over time. Because of my weaknesses, I have felt inadequate to stand as any authority on a particular topic – let alone topics – in any canonized form.

I have recently seen the value in showing a pattern of knowledge and change – even if it is my own. I, like Nibley, refuse to be held liable for anything I wrote two or three years ago (although there are many things that I have written more than two years ago that I still adamantly believe are true). As an author, I reserve this right. I therefore put a disclaimer on this website:

The only true authority for any decision, practice, creed, or belief is the Holy Ghost (i.e. the Spirit of God). While reason and logic are tools to help discover consistency in a temporal sphere, they are not sufficient to understand eternal truth. I am not, nor should I be, considered an authority on any particular subject. While I have researched many topics that form my own opinions and beliefs, the purpose of this website is not to stand as an authority – it is to persuade every person to think and act for themselves, and not to be acted upon; to persuade everyone to gain their own testimony; to persuade all to repent, and desire to see things as God sees them, and to leave behind the conventional theories of this life.

What I do know is that there is a God, and that he loves his children. Because we learned of love through our caring Heavenly Parent, we must too love our neighbor – both friend and enemy alike – and desire their well-being. We can know of all things, if we sincerely and humble ask for knowledge of truth – and that knowledge will be made truth through the witness of the Holy Ghost.

Hopefully such a disclaimer will help maintain a level of consistency in this thread, and for whoever should read it.

In a personal desire to become more organized in thought and message, I have started this blog (and eventually a podcast) where I can organize and categories thoughts that I have been incapable of doing so before. I have become increasingly distanced from Facebook, as that particular medium of discussion does not move beyond haggling over the same issues time-and-time again… For the time being, I have deactivated my Facebook account. When/if the time comes that I activate it again, I will use this blog to answer the many “arguments” that I have had on Facebook.

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